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"Minnesota Nice"

We are assisting numerous clients with our boat skills training and local water knowledge trips in Southwest Florida. They were excited to learn to navigate Matlacha Pass, run to Cabbage Key, and see the beaches of Cayo Costa.

All the while training how to use their GPS to mark the Waypoints of our trip and also logged tracks(breadcrumbs) for their future use. We love it when the spouse is interested in helping the captain navigate using charts and spot aids to navigation.

Fun fact they sold their Harleys and are switching over to the boating lifestyle SWFL offers year round! Great teamwork with these two!

Maybe you fall into the same criteria as the "Minnesota Nice Team" fresh to snowbirding and new to the area been lake boating up North with some experience hearing about all of these boating destinations on facebook newly retired and ready to enjoy the next chapter.

Please give us a call to help you your boating needs.


Captain Josh Wurtsbaugh



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